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25 Hot Photos of Jillian Michaels, Inventor of the Shred, in Bikinis and More

By on February 1, 2011 – 7:43 pm

Inventor of the 30-Day Shred exercise program, co-star of The Biggest Loser and Losing It With Jillian, and my #1 girl crush. If I go lesbian, I’m doing it with Jillian. Here are just a few photos of her, directly from my shrine…

This is actually the same photo as below with a little creative Photoshopping.

And at a Marie Claire events with one-time rumored girlfriend, actress Vanessa Marcil.

Here she is with another one-time rumored girlfriend, Jackie Warner.


Here’s another promo GoDaddy photo with Danica Patrick.

She cleans up well, no?