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Scenes From a Mall: 33 Photos of American People in American Malls, Circa 1989

By on November 8, 2013 – 3:28 pm

In 1989, Michael Galinsky took a road trip across America and photographed everything he saw inside the malls he visited. He released a coffee table book with all of his photos (which you can buy here)–these are just 33 of the hundreds of photos in the book.
american-mall-1 american-mall-5 american-mall-12 american-mall-16 american-mall-20 american-mall-24 american-mall-27 american-mall-31 american-mall-2 american-mall-6 american-mall-9 american-mall-13 american-mall-17 american-mall-21 american-mall-25 american-mall-28 american-mall-32 american-mall-3 american-mall-7 american-mall-10 american-mall-14 american-mall-18 american-mall-22 american-mall-26 american-mall-29 american-mall-33 american-mall-4 american-mall-8 american-mall-11 american-mall-15 american-mall-19 american-mall-30