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36 Wonder Woman Cosplay Girls (34 Hot, 2 Meh)

By on January 28, 2011 – 11:52 am

Finally, after years of Hollywood studio debate, a Wonder Woman TV series has finally been announced–it’s happening! David E. Kelley is involved, but McG is highly rumored to direct. No official word on who will portray Diana Prince/Wonder Woman (Jessica Beil and Megan Fox are high on the list), but McG could do a lot worse then these girls below…

1. I will forgo the “Woman in a Kitchen” joke, thankyouverymuch.

2. This looks exactly like my high school Math teacher. Creepy.

3. Tell me that’s not Lady Gaga. The eyes? The nose? The contrivance?

4. I didn’t know Maria Shriver was a fan.

5. Role models… sexy role models.

6. Bikini star briefs Vs. Mom star briefs. No contest.

7. Hey, it’s Adrianne Curry

8. Yes, please.

9. Adrianne Curry again.

10. No amount of Bat armor can hold back the Bat boner.

11. And this is how life-long stalkers are born.

12. Heh, Turtle photo bombs for the win.

13. Dear God, please let that be a tattoo.

14. Asian Wonder Woman– I like this casting decision.

15. Not crazy about those Mom-Briefs though.

16. Now these are star-spangled briefs I can get behind.

17. Wowza.

18. Looks a little like PJ Harvey here.

19. MySpace Wonder Woman!

20. My, what a big… gold bra you have.

21. It’s literally a Wonder Woman catfight!

22. I think I saw this prOn.

23. I bet she can crack walnuts with her thighs.

24. A black Wonder Woman? Only if this girl plays the role.

25. I’m not sure if this is a dude, but I can get past the harshness.

26. I think I saw this prOn too–it was only a couple minutes long.

27. A modified Wonder Woman suit, but I’ll let it pass.

28. That guy with the glasses represents all of our frustration.

29. Here are the same girls from above–one year later. Careerists?

30. Adrianne Curry again? She loves attention.

31. This is the most true-to-old school Wonder Woman yet. I approve.

32. Discounted Memories: Story of my life.

33. Again with the granny-panty star briefs? I can’t get behind that.

34. Not crazy about the ’80s-era Dolphin shorts, but the lighting makes up for it.

35. You know there’s going to be an episode where that lasso gets in the wrong hands.

36. Wonder Woman and her target audience.